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The Founder

The founder of Special Businesses Limited; Neil McIntyre alone has over 25 years' experience in successfully building and restructuring 100's of different businesses, 14 of his own, from within different industries, different countries, different languages and different sizes from their initial concept, through to their complete daily management and the sales thereof. He says "we are so passionate and confident about our services, that if we do not increase your' profits and improve your operations so significantly that the running of your business thereafter is much smoother, then we will give you your' money back!"


It's All About Your' Success!!


Business Consultancy & Mentoring

Our firm has one clear goal and that is to give you the most effective strategies to streamline your business operations, grow your business and increase your profits through excellent business support.


Special Businesses will offer you fast, effective & very efficient business services so whether you are wanting to expand, stabilise or increase your profits, we intend to be the perfect business partner for you. 


In a nutshell...we shall consult, coach or mentor you to ensure that your products and services are being delivered at the exact time and price to your clients in a way your clients are fully satisfied to thus ensure the maximum success for your business in return!

No matter what size your business operation is or which industry type your business operates within, if you are a small to medium sized business based in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or England and have the vision and the will to be truly exceptional, then contact us today.


Business Consultants, Coaches & Mentors

We can offer you as little or as much support as you need or you can do it expertly yourself through our online Fast Business Development Program (FBDP).


Our FBDP will supply you with a simple to follow A to Z on how to build or restructure your business expertly on your own, no matter which business type or industry you are in.


Quite simply; our FBDP will teach you what to do, when to do it, why you should do it and also how you should do it!


Anyone purchasing our FBDP will also receive a complimentary free software package of their choice from Pro Software UK's Business Management Software's.


To book now and claim your free software package from Pro Software UK, then please select click Book Support now.

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